InterLynk Researchers to present latest research at TERMIS 2023 in Manchester

The Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) European Chapter Meeting 2023 is set to take place in Manchester from March 28th to 31st, 2023. As the leading event for the dissemination of the latest research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, the conference offers a prime opportunity for researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals to present and discuss their newest findings, developments, and challenges in the field.

Since this conference is a prominent event where scientists gather to discuss the latest advances in regenerative medicine, it is an ideal venue for InterLynk researchers to showcase their findings.

On Tuesday, March 28th, Monize Caiado Decarli from the MERLN Institute (Maastricht University) will co-chair a session on "Current Research on In Vitro Microenvironments" at 15:00. Later that day, at 17:00, Sara Checa from Charité - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin, will present on "High-Resolution Gyroid Bone Scaffold Manufactured."

On Wednesday, March 29th, during a session on "Structural Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering," InterLynk coordinator, Prof. João Mano from UAVR, will speak on "The Design of Biopolymer-based Hydrogels with Improved Structural and Functional Properties for TERM Applications" at 14:30.

Later that day, at 16:30, Rita Sobreiro-Almeida from UAVR will co-chair a session on "Advances in Direct Digital Bioprinting," where Prof. Lorenzo Moroni from the MERLN Institute (Maastricht University) will present on "The Design of 3D Scaffolds with Intrinsic and Controllable Mechanical Instructions to Steer Tissue Regeneration."

Prof. Moroni will again present on Thursday, March 30th right in the morning at 9.15, where he will co-chair a session on “Organoids and multicellular aggregates in biofabrication” and at 13.45 co-chairing another session on “Frontiers in biofabrication”.

We invite conference participants to meet our InterLynk researchers at TERMIS 2023 in Manchester. This will be a great opportunity to discuss the latest developments in bioprinting technologies, multi-tissue scaffold design for tissue regeneration, human-based biomaterials, and much more. Our InterLynk scientists look forward to exchanging knowledge with peers and colleagues, so don't miss the chance to meet them at the conference!

Click here for the detailed conference program, side events, conference materials and further details about the event.