InterLynk Scientist Presents Joint Research at BIOMAT and MatSAN Congress in France

The recent BIOMAT and MatSAN (Materials for Health) Congress in Super-Besse, France, which took place from January 14th to 19th, 2024, served as a forum for the exchange of ideas and advancements in the field of biomaterials and medical devices. Academics, industry professionals, clinicians, and students convened to explore and evaluate new developments aimed at improving patient outcomes.

Among the contributors was InterLynk scientist, Joanna Babilotte from the MERLN Institute of Technlogy at Maastricht University, who took an active role as a member of the young scientists' board. This group, dedicated to fostering the growth of young researchers, set the stage with pre-conference workshops focusing on career development.

In the main congress, Joanna Babilotte highlighted the collaborative work she conducted with Cecilia Avventi, Monize Caiado Decarli, Paul Wieringa, Vladimiro Vida, and Lorenzo Moroni. Her presentation, titled “Wave-Inspired MEW Scaffolds for Enhanced Ligament Tissue Regeneration,” focused on using Melt-electrowriting (MEW) to develop scaffolds beneficial for ligament tissue regeneration. Central to this group’s research was the innovative combination of PCL and PLA copolymers, creating a material that uniquely balances resilience and flexibility, closely mirroring the properties of natural ligament tissues. This breakthrough offers new avenues for producing fibrous scaffolds that not only possess the required structural integrity but also maintain the flexibility essential for effective ligament regeneration. Their findings pave the way for further studies aiming to align scaffold structure with cellular behavior, a crucial step in advancing tissue regeneration techniques.

Joanna's talk at the congress provided a clear reflection of the objectives that drive the InterLynk project. With a focus on innovative 3D scaffold creation for medical use, InterLynk seeks to advance multi-tissue regeneration through the development of patient-specific scaffolds. This project is at the forefront of merging sophisticated manufacturing technologies with biofunctional materials to improve patient recovery outcomes. Joanna's work, as presented at the congress, exemplifies the project's commitment to innovation, multidisciplinary collaboration, and the advancement of healthcare technologies.

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Joanna Babilotte from the MERLN Institute of Technology presenting at the BIOMAT and MatSAN Congress.