InterLynk Coordinator rewarded with Doctor Honoris Causa by Utrecht University for exceptional contribution to the field of regenerative medicine

The day of its 386th Dies Natalis, this year under the motto “Curious Collaborations”, InterLynk Coordinator, Prof. João Mano was awarded an honorary doctorate from Utrecht University for his outstanding contribution to science across the boundaries of various disciplines.

Fascinated by science from his earliest childhood, he has come a long way since he analysed his first biological samples collected in the surroundings of his hometown Sintra (Portugal) and analysed them in his improvised room laboratory.  After his Ph.D. in chemistry and a D.Sc. in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and stem cells, he found in chemical engineering his new home, where he could combine his never-ending interest for all fields related to science and technology.

In his celebratory address he explains how his research has been inspired by the “amazing capability of nature to adapt and find solutions to complex problems” and how he has tried to “translate this comprehension to develop new biomimetic materials and systems with unique or extreme properties”. With his research group at the University of Aveiro he explores the use of biomaterials and cells to develop transdisciplinary concepts. In particular, he pioneered the use of nano- and microtechnology approaches with naturally derived biomaterials to obtain biomedical devices with improved properties to control the behavior & organization of living cells.

In InterLynk, Prof. Mano and his research team, a consortium exemplary of “Curious Collaborations”, apply this knowledge to develop multimaterial 3D scaffolds with exceptional biofunctionality, combining different biomaterials with human blood-derived platelet lysates.

Prof. Henk Kummeling, Rector Magnificent of the University of Utrecht mentioned in his address that “Prof. Mano is a truly inspirational and creative researcher, who has a mission that one can only admire: to prolong lives of people with chronic diseases.”

In InterLynk we aim to contribute to this mission by helping find better ways to repair diseased tissue and to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from bone damage.

The hybrid ceremony took place on March 25th at the University of Utrecht’s spectacular Dom Church. Click here to watch the ceremony and read on for more details.